The Door

Her finger ran up and down the phone cord of the old school landline while she waited for him to call. Since her phone was stolen last week, Travis called every night at this time to see what she was up to. Colleen’s finger continued to run up and down on the cord. She picked up the receiver to make sure it still had a dial tone. Uuuuuuuuu, the dial tone came through loud and clear. He was five minutes late. What could be keeping him?

“Colleen, what do you think about the blue dress?” her little sister said from the hallway. 

“I don’t know. Are you wearing it?” She asked. 

“Yeah. Can I show you?” Sandy replied. 

The door knob turned, but the door didn’t open. 

“Are you gonna show me or what?” Colleen asked. 

“I can’t get in.” Her sister returned. 

The phone rang louder than normal, making her jump. 

Colleen picked up the phone from its cradle. “Hello?” 

Low, raspy breathing came thought the receiver. 

“Travis? Is that you? Stop playing games.” No answer came and the breathing became louder.

“Colleen, I can’t open the door. I think it’s stuck.” Sandy turned the knob and bounced off the door from the other side, but it didn’t budge. 

“Look, I don’t know who this is, but don’t call here again.” She smashed the phone down. “Don’t break the door! I’m coming.” 

Another thump came through the door. 

“I said stop! You’re gonna break it,” Colleen turned the knob with ease. She pulled on the door, but nothing happened. Her eyes scanned the inside of the door searching for any sort of obstruction. There was none. The white door just stood there looking the same as it always had. 

“Sandy, try it again.” Colleen instructed. 


“Sandy, are you still there?” This time she yelled through the door jam.


The phone rang again, startling her. Colleen ran over to the phone and practically yanked it off the cord. 

“Travis Whitmore, you’d better have a good excuse for making me wait,” She yelled into the mouthpiece. 

A low voice breathed into her ear. She could hear a whimper in the background, then muffled moans of fear.

“Who is this?” She wanted to believe this was a prank.

“Don’t ever hang up on me.” A scratchy voice retorted.

“I’m calling the police,” Colleen’s hand shook as she hung up the phone making the phone rattle against its cradle. 

A hollow knock rumbled at the door.

“Sandy?” her voice came out in spurts of terror.


With her hand on the knob again she pressed her ear to the wood. She could hear two muffled voices whimpering and screaming. She rotated the brass knob and pulled. This time it opened with ease. Slowly the door creaked opened, but Colleen held the door in front of her as a blockade. Afraid of what she might see, her face moved slightly to give her a better look.

What was once the hallway was gone. Behind the door were two people lying still in the bottom of a dark muddy pit. Rain trickled into the hole as she examined the sight. The two people lay on their sides facing one another. Both were bound by duct tape around their legs and hands. Colleen found their faces and saw that it was her sister in a silky blue dress and Travis in a pair of sweats. Red liquid ran from their chests. Was that blood? 

Terror rushed through Colleen as she turned to get the phone, but now someone stood in her way. A large man in a thick black robe. 

“I told you to never hang up on me.” It spoke.

Shooting pain hit her in the heart. She looked down to see a black knife grip hanging out of her chest. The hand of the stranger pushed her backwards making her fall into the hole with her boyfriend and sister. 

Colleen watched the door creak shut slowly as she took her last breath.