For You

Endless time stands ahead eager to pull us forward

Who you are does not matter because you are perfect

You are perfect in every way

You will get better day by day

The moment that stops you will give you pause, much needed 

As you realize that you aren’t what was

You will see who you have become is someone amazing

A man who can change worlds just by thinking

You are not the person you once were

But you’re the man you want to be

I see him now, loving me, being free

Who is that man who walks alone

Who is that man who talks on the phone

You are not that man, but it is a touch of your soul

Allow your soul to take over, completely

You know you want to

You can be you all the way to your core

That’s the part that you cannot quite see

What a great life it is simply to witness you

To witness the ‘man of all time’

The one who creates worlds

I see you my love, in the air flying alongside the dove

Once upon a time I needed you

Now I honor the time I have been given to be with you

What must I do to influence you

I will stand firm, holding your hand

Never letting go, even after I can no longer stand

I will breathe deeply by your side

For the dear ones await by your side

Applauding and weeping with your soul

I will never lose control

You can trust me for I will never leave

I will stand firm by your side