After arriving home late from practice, high school senior, Casey Whitmore discovers her life is about to drastically change. Instead of worrying about getting her basketball team to the championship and graduating with honors, she finds her new reality doesn't have any requirements other than making it through each awful day.

With barely any skills on how to stay alive in her new world, Casey has a lot to learn. Will Casey survive or will she face the same fate as all the others?

On a nice day out with her little brother, Jess Wilkinson ends up stranded on the wrong side of town at the worst possible time. With no source of transportation and the sky literally falling around her, Jess is forced to improvise their way home while picking up strays along the way.

The clock is ticking and everything is against her. Will Jess make it to safety before the whole city falls?


Callie Topaz is a normal seventeen-year-old with normal desires, that is, if you consider wanting to move into the one of the dome city limits a desire. The old world has been long dead since before the Extras landed and stole all of Earth’s metals. And that was before the acid rain started.

Now only the rich can afford the luxury of safety since the Outer is overrun and rampant with gangs and deadheads.

Living in the dying land of Winaga, Callie must do everything she can to get her baby sister and Auntie into the dome before they both die.