About The Author

Emma lives in Houston, Texas. When she isn't writing, she spends her time listening to music, learning the guitar, reading, watching horror movies, playing video games and hanging out with her beloved family.

Emma writes for young adults and new adults. Genres she enjoys writing are paranormal, space opera, science fiction, dystopian, fantasy, and romance. 

The Moment It Began

    Nervous knots twisted her stomach as she walked into her new third grade class. Curious eyes settled on her just as they had in all the other schools. 

    Emma didn’t like the attention of being the new girl for the fourth time, but to her surprise this class was small and welcoming. Moving from place to place didn’t stop Emma from believing that she had to do her very best. You see, she was a people pleaser and an excelling student. 

    About three weeks later the teacher pulled her aside. "Emma, I can see that you enjoy reading and writing."

    The quiet child nodded. 

    “You are at the top of my class in your studies, and you're giving and helpful. I wanted to let you know that I've selected you and one other student to receive a special reward because of your good grades and extraordinary citizenship.” The teacher’s eyes lit up. “Would you like to go to a Children's Literature Fair?" 

    Emma had no idea what a literature fair was, but she smiled anyway. “Yes, I would like that.”

    Ten days later, Emma hopped out of her teacher’s car excited to see what books awaited her arrival. Instead of purchasing books, Emma was surprised by the option to sit in small rooms and hear authors speak about how to write. This lit a burning desire in her belly. The more she listened to the women speak, the more she wanted to write books too. 

    By the time she left the Literature Fair, Emma was forever changed. From the moment she walked through the door a void that she didn’t know existed was filled. Surrounded by books and authors, she saw a new world that lived in inked paper. Emma knew it was the place she would always live and be free. 


Fast Forward 25 Years: 

    There is a need in all of us to become something. As for myself, it started in third grade. I wanted to write novels. I didn't know how and I didn't know when, but I did know that my life would revolve around writing one day. My choices and amazing chains of events have so graciously spit me out on my dream's front door. Ready to expose the imaginative spirit that dwells within, I write what I’m inspired to write and cherish every moment.